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We are happy to announce that we have just released the new version of Bridge Live and Live Transcoder 1.13.

Comprimato Live Transcoder

Multichannel Synchronous Transport Streaming

The most distinctive feature brought by version 1.13 is stream synchronization. It enables live stream directors or producers to work with multiple feeds that are precisely synchronized together and in real-time, so the workflow is flawless. We are incredibly proud of this aspect. It enables you to work professionally, yet it is hard to find speaking of similar products. However, it is almost a necessity in quality video production.

NDI Ready

Live Transcoder is now fully NDI-ready. Network Device Interface (NDI) is a high-performance standard that allows anyone to use real-time, ultra-low latency video on existing IP video networks. Thanks to NDI, you can maximally use the capacities of software, devices, and networks to create visual content shareable with millions of viewers. With NDI, videos are accessible and easy to use by computer networks or mobile environments and maintain high-quality resolution. There is no need to buy new software and hardware. NDI is becoming especially popular in cloud production workflows where traditional SDI video interfaces are unavailable. NDI enables you to work with your current devices, applications, and networks. Live Transcoder uniquely allows you to shift from SDI to NDI and work in the cloud if needed.

Features for Better Work Efficiency

Drag and drop are now available in the configuration. JPEG 2000 encoding performance is 20 % higher, which means you can encode more video channels with your current hardware. DNS resolution of SRT addresses enables better and more practical workflows.

Updated Factory Reset – a little feature to make your life easier

If you need to reset your Live Transcoder into factory default settings, you will now keep the latest software version and will not return to an older one with the subsequent need for upgrading. I.e., if you have version 1.13 and reset your Live Transcoder into the factory default, Live Transcoder will stay on the latest 1.13 software version and will not go back to 1.10 with the necessity to update to version 1.13. Should you need to recover version 1.10, it is also possible.

New Features

Fixed Bugs

How to get it

If you are already our customer, we will contact you soon. Should you need the upgrade immediately, have any questions, or need assistance, get in touch with us.