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Distribution Transcoding

Distribution transcoding

Flexible software-only transcoding solution scalable to any use-case.

  • Software only

    Software-only approach.
    Suitable for any use-case.

    The Comprimato All-in-one software provides a scalable and customizable solution for modern media delivery. It is hardware agnostic and, thanks to flexible architecture, it scales to any size businesses from international broadcasters to local IPTV providers.

  • Saas

    SaaS or perpetual licencing.
    Pay as you go pricing.

    The solution provides on-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployment to meet the requirements of nowadays distribution workflows. SaaS or subscription pricing models reset broadcast distribution economics. The pay as you go pricing offers instant scaling of transcoding capacity based on live event needs.

  • Stream density

    Superior stream density.
    Scalable to any codec.

    The synergy between Comprimato software and NVIDIA GPUs provides a density of 70+ 1080p/60 streams per COTS single RU server. The modular architecture not only support major compression standards, including UHD, and transport methods, but also allow for the adoption of emerging technology.

  • Integration

    3rd party integration.
    Centralized control.

    Intuitive user interface and SNMP allow to set up, manage and control hundreds of streams from a single console. REST API enables easy insertion into existing workflows. The solution supports monitoring from 3rd party tools such as Net Insight Nimbra Vision.

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