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Privacy Policy

We look after your personal data with great care and a clear conscience.

This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, share and use personal information we collect about you as a visitor of our website, and how you can exercise your privacy rights relating to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This Privacy Policy applies to Comprimato website and products and services that link to or reference this Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns about our use of your personal information, then please contact us at

1. Administrator

The administrator of your personal information is Comprimato System, s.r.o. Botanická 554/68a, 602 00 – Brno, IČ: 01788221, DIČ: CZ01788221.

We approach your personal information as a data controller; we decide why, how and for how long is personal data processed. Additionally, we select further entities who can process your personal data.

2. The scope of personal data and purpose for processing

We process personal data in order to accomplish the following objectives:

Providing information and services closely bond to the scope of business of Comprimato Systems, s.r.o.

As a general rule, we regard providing data, support and related information about marketed products, services, and fulfilling contracts.

The processed data serve to identify an individual acting in the name of the legal entity with an intention to establish commercial cooperation. Due to this fact we process:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • E-mail
  • Phone Number
  • Job Title
  • Company / Represented Legal Entity

The data is used solely after the unambiguous and voluntary consent for processing, or in cases when data is absolutely necessary to complete expected steps and is, therefore, a legitimate interest. The data is never handled by the 3rd party that is not a legitimate data processor.

2.1. Accounting

In order to comply with legislation to issue and record invoices, we process data of all our customers.

Activities leading to transmission of information about market and products of Comprimato Systems, s.r.o.

We consider highly important to create content with an intention to raise awareness and develop the understanding of our technologies toward potential customers. Your personal data (email, name, company) may be used to deliver materials for the sake of (future) marketing activities. We always respect personal preferences and we send notifications only based on your unambiguous consent or our legitimate interest.

Amongst notifications we find:

  • Delivery of Whitepapers, Datasheets, Case studies, and similar documents.
  • Providing access to Demo/Trial version of our software.
  • Registration for Webinars.
  • Providing additional information regarding Comprimato products.

Expressing your interest in obtaining abovementioned materials we consider your interest in Comprimato products as our legitimate business interest in contacting you in the future in this respect. Your data will be processed no longer than 5 years.

During this period, you can arbitrarily change your preference or unsubscribe using a link that is a part of every email footer we send or alternatively writing us at

2.2. Direct marketing via email

We use your personal information (e-mail, name), website visits statistics and email communication for the sake of direct marketing – sending of and publicizing of commercial statements.

By submitting an inquiry via email or a web form we recognize your presales activities where we apply our legitimate interest to establish a communication with you regarding our products via phone, email or other communication channels. Your data will be processed no longer than 5 years.

By buying and using our products we acknowledge our legitimate interest to send you information about news, upgrades and related future products. Your data will be processed no longer than 10 years.

During this period, you can arbitrarily change your preference or unsubscribe using a link that is a part of every email footer we send or alternatively writing us at

2.3. Direct marketing via marketing platforms

By visiting our website we acknowledge our legitimate business interest by tracking cookies in order to analyze which pages you visited and subsequently use this information for remarketing and improved targeting of advertisement via marketing platforms AdWords, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, no longer than 1 year after the last website visit. In case you do not wish to see our advertising you can choose to hide them directly by setting the respective marketing system accordingly. Alternatively, you can choose to limit or turn off collecting cookies by setting permissions of your internet browser.

The information we collect in cookies does not reveal your name, contact information or other personal information if you do not give your consent to share this information with us.

We store your personal information for the length stated in the respective article of this Privacy Policy unless the law, or the special situation, commands differently.

3. Sharing personal information with 3rd parties

The access to your personal information is only given to personnel, representing the data controller, who is bound with the non-disclosure agreement and were lectured in terms of security of personal data processing. In order to achieve certain processing tasks, which we are not able to achieve on our own, we utilize services of external data processors that specialize in a particular area and are in compliance with GDPR.

The list of data processors is as follows:

Analytical tools

  • Google Analytics – statistics for website visits

         Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

  • Yandex Metrica
- statistics for website visits

         Yandex N.V., Lva Tolstogo, 16, Moscow, Russia, 119021

Marketing and customer support

  • ZOHO Campaigns – a tool for mass emailing

         Zoho Corporation, 4141 Hacienda Drive, Pleasanton, California 94588, USA

  • DESK – customer support

         Zoho Corporation, 4141 Hacienda Drive, Pleasanton, California 94588, USA

  • ZOHO CRM – Platform for the administration of customer contacts

         Zoho Corporation, 4141 Hacienda Drive, Pleasanton, California 94588, USA

  • GoToWebinar – organizing and administration of webinars

         LogMeIn, Inc., 320 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210

  • Zapier
- data transfer

         Zapier, 243 Buena Vista Avenue, Suite 508, Sunnyvale, CA 94086 United States

Invoicing and accounting

  • TRITAX, s.r.o. – Accounting

TRITAX, s.r.o., Šumavská 982/31a, 602 00 Brno, IČ: 26978881, DIČ: CZ26978881

  • FakturaOnline s.r.o. – Invoicing

         FakturaOnline s.r.o., Křížová 2598/4, 150 00 Praha – Smíchov, IČ: 04129890, DIČ: CZ04129890

It is permissible that we will choose another application or data processor in the future. In such a case, we will enforce as strict criteria as on ourselves during the selection process.

4. Cookies

On our website, we track your IP address, website movement and visit sources that help us to improve identification of our potential customers as well as to measure the effectiveness of our marketing activities. The use of cookies is considered as a legitimate interest of the data controller because we believe that it helps us to improve the service we deliver to you.

Based on the data acquired we aim at ensuring the highest possible relevance of direct marketing (see the definition above) and legitimate business activities. The data is stored no longer than 1 year since the last website visit. The information collected in cookies does not allow us to identify your name, contact information or other personal information unless you decide to share them voluntarily. The tracking of cookies can be turned off by rejecting Cookies notification that is displayed during the first website visit or by setting permissions of your internet browser.

The services we use for cookies processing:

Google Analytics, powered by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Collected cookies are subsequently processed by Google Inc. in compliance with Privacy Policy, accessible at

Yandex Metrica, powered by Yandex N.V., ul. Lva Tolstogo, 16, Moscow, Russia, 119021. Collected cookies are subsequently processed by Yandex N.V. in compliance with Privacy Policy, accessible at

5. Security and personal data protection

We protect your personal data on the highest level possible using the present-day technologies. We implement and maintain technical and organizational standards that restrict misuse, damage or destruction of your personal data.

6. Sharing outside the European Union

We process data exclusively in the European Union, or in countries that ensure an appropriate level of protection to comply with the ruling of European Commission.

7. Your rights regarding the personal data protection

You have multiple rights regarding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you intend to apply any of your rights, please contact us at

The right to be informed which is carried out by this informational page with principles of data processing. You can apply the right of access to discover purpose and kind of personal data are processed. We will inform you of the period of 30 days.

In case you want to change your personal data we process, you have the right to rectification.

The right to restrict processing can be applied when you assume that we process your inaccurate data. In a situation when you assume that we process your data illegally or when you raise an objection against processing, yet you do not want us to delete your personal data. You can restrict the scope of personal data or the purpose for processing (e.g. unsubscribing from the newsletter you limit the purpose of processing for the sake of sending commercial communication).

The right to data portability can be applied in order to transfer your data to a different data controller. In such a case, we reserve a period of 30 days to accomplish the request.

The right to erasure grants you with a possibility to remove your data completely (“be forgotten”). We do not wish to forget you, but if you want us to, you have a legitimate right to demand so. In this case, we will remove all your personal data from our databases, external data processors, and backups. We reserve a period of 30 days to accomplish the request.

We are committed by law, e.g. concerning issued invoices, to store records for a period of the time appointed in the corresponding regulations. In this case, we will remove all the personal data that is not bound by the law. You will receive an email notification when the removal is finished.

The right to object. Complaint at the Bureau for Personal Data Protection (ÚOOÚ) can be filled when you believe that we do not treat your data correctly. We will definitely amend the situation if you inform us in advance of your intention.

Unsubscribing from the newsletter and commercial communication.

We send the commercial communication (news, articles, products) to our existing or potential customers (in case they voluntarily expressed their interest) based on our legitimate interest. You can unsubscribe using a dedicated link in every email, or express your desire to do so at


We assure you that our employees, associates, and external data processors are obliged to preserve non-disclosure regarding your personal information as well as security measures which if disclosed will endanger the protection of your personal information. Your personal information will not be disclosed to the 3rd party without your consent.

This Data Protection Policy is effective beginning on 25.5.2018.