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Comprimato story

Comprimato was born from a unique idea of leveraging the power of GPU’s for JPEG2000 video compression. What first started as a university project, led by Jiri Matela, quickly turned into a successful start-up.

In 2013, Comprimato was founded and offered a place in the South Moravian Innovation Centre, which is the most successful Czech technology incubator. The company accelerated even more after it received funding from Credo Ventures and Y Soft Ventures.

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Cmpto Team

Meet the team

Comprimato is full of talented people forming one big family. Join us.

  • Jan B.

    Jan B.

    Senior Software Developer

  • Vaclav C.

    Vaclav C.

    Software Developer

  • Martin D.

    Martin D.

    Sales Engineer

  • Hana B.

    Hana B.

    Executive Assistant

  • Michal H.

    Michal H.

    GPU Programmer

  • Miro S.

    Miro S.

    Senior GPU Programmer

  • Michal C.

    Michal C.

    Software Developer

  • Ondrej S.

    Ondrej S.

    Automation Tester

  • Petr M.

    Petr M.

    Software Developer

Board of directors

  • Jiří Matela

    Jiří Matela

    CEO & Co-founder

  • Martin Jirman

    Martin Jirman

    CTO & Co-founder

  • Vladislav Jež

    Vladislav Jež

    Credo Ventures

  • Miloš Sochor

    Miloš Sochor

    Y Soft Ventures

  • Martin Rehák

    Martin Rehák

    Ressitant AI

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