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Announcing 60% Speed-Up of HTJ2K Encoding in the Latest Version of Our JPEG2000 Codec SDK

In today’s fast-paced digital world, efficient and high-quality image compression is essential for various industries. At Comprimato, we are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet these demands.

We are excited to announce a significant update to our Comprimato JPEG2000 SDK product, featuring a remarkable 60% speed-up in HTJ2K encoding. This update brings enhanced performance and visual quality, reinforcing our position as leaders in the field of image compression.

Comprimato JPEG2000 SDK Codec

The Comprimato JPEG2000 SDK is a powerful software solution designed for high-performance image and video compression. Our SDK supports a wide range of applications, from digital cinema to satellite imaging, providing users with superior compression ratios and image quality.

Key Highlights of the 2.8.4 Release

Our latest release introduces several key improvements that significantly enhance the performance and quality of HTJ2K encoding and decoding:

Improved CPU HT Encoding Performance

The standout feature of this update is the 60% increase in HTJ2K encoding speed. By optimizing our algorithms and leveraging advanced CPU capabilities, we have achieved a substantial boost in performance.

This improvement ensures that users can encode high-resolution images faster than ever before, making real-time and near-real-time processing more achievable.

Improved Visual Quality of Rate-Controlled HT Encoding

In addition to the speed enhancements, we have also focused on improving the visual quality of rate-controlled HT encoding.

Our new algorithms ensure that compressed images retain their clarity and detail, even at lower bit rates. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for applications where maintaining visual fidelity is crucial.

Fixed Visual Quality of Rate-Controlled HT Decoding

We have addressed and fixed issues related to the visual quality of rate-controlled HT decoding. Users can now expect super-consistent and high-quality results when decoding images, ensuring that the integrity of the original content is preserved.

What is HTJ2K

HTJ2K, or High Throughput JPEG2000, is an advanced variant of the JPEG2000 standard. It focuses on delivering higher encoding and decoding speeds while maintaining the high compression efficiency and image quality that JPEG2000 is known for.

HTJ2K achieves this by using optimized algorithms and implementation techniques that reduce computational complexity.

Difference Between JPEG2000 and HTJ2K

While both JPEG2000 and HTJ2K offer superior image compression, there are key differences between the two:

  • Speed: HTJ2K is specifically designed for high throughput, providing significantly faster encoding and decoding times compared to standard JPEG 2000. According HTJ2K whitepaper, it achieves speeds that are 5 to 10 times higher than JPEG 2000, making it ideal for applications requiring rapid image processing.
  • Use Cases: HTJ2K offers significant advantages primarily through the reduced costs of encoding, decoding, and storage. The faster encoding capabilities translate into lower expenses, enabling higher density for live broadcast production, such as more channels or higher resolution per unit.

    Additionally, this efficiency allows for the storage of more high-resolution images and facilitates the examination of these images on lower-power devices. This is particularly important for applications like medical imaging and surveillance, where standard computers can now handle much higher-resolution images effectively. The cost-saving benefits of HTJ2K’s efficient encoding and decoding make it highly suitable for several applications:

    • Live Broadcast Production: The reduced cost of encoding allows broadcasters to manage and transmit more channels or higher resolution content per unit, optimizing production workflows and infrastructure. This results in enhanced broadcast capabilities and improved viewer experiences without escalating costs.
    • Medical Imaging: The ability to store more high-resolution medical scans at a lower cost and display them on standard computers improves accessibility and efficiency in diagnostics, ultimately contributing to better patient care.
    • Satellite Imaging: Cost-effective encoding and decoding enable timely analysis and decision-making by allowing for the rapid processing of high-resolution satellite images, which is crucial for applications like weather forecasting and disaster management.
    • Digital Cinema: Lower encoding costs facilitate the creation and archiving of high-quality master formats. This ensures smooth playback and editing of large movie files while making film production, distribution, and long-term archiving more economical and efficient.


The latest release of Comprimato JPEG2000 SDK marks a significant milestone in our journey to provide the fastest and highest quality image compression solutions.

With a 60% speed-up in HTJ2K encoding, improved visual quality in rate-controlled encoding, and fixes in decoding, we continue to lead the industry in innovation and performance.

For more information about our products and the latest release, visit our Comprimato JPEG2000 SDK product page.


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