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JPEG2000 Compression

The fastest JPEG2000 software codec. Image and video compression for media and entertainment, geospatial imaging, and medical data.

  • Companies

    Media & Entertainment,
    Medical and Geospatial imaging.

    The Comprimato JPEG2000 Codec SDK has a wide range of use cases. Thanks to its top speed and high performance it brings Ultra High-Definition video broadcasting to reality, offering life-like images to viewers in real time.

    The codec provides the best solution to store and process gigapixel aerial or medical images. Only very few formats can efficiently handle and keep thousands of megapixels in a single picture file.

  • Cost_saving

    Cost saving. Everywhere.

    Comprimato’s JPEG2000 software Codec saves costs on initial hardware and software purchasing. It saves time and resources of staff and expensive technology. It even saves the lifetime of viewing and video capturing devices. Buy fewer racks, rent less archive space, and create complex UHD solutions on a smaller budget.

  • Speed

    Unprecedented speed

    The science behind Comprimato’s technology is using the power of a CPU or a graphics card (GPU) to perform advanced JPEG2000 transformation in real time, even in 4K videos or in 120 frames per second. This makes Comprimato the fastest software JPEG2000 codec on the market. The codec can compress images 4 times faster and shrink images to half the size using mathematically lossless compression.

  • Cloud

    Cloud ready.
    Fast iteration cycles.

    Comprimato supports all major operating systems (OS) and works on all major devices. Its performance is based on powerful GPUs, but the codec also performs very fast on CPU base stations in case a graphic card is missing. Comprimato is fully scalable and applicable to large solutions as well as single devices. With the Comprimato on board, you can develop, iterate, or enhance image capturing much faster.

  • Adaptability

    Flexible and fully adaptable

    Comprimato’s JPEG2000 software codec can adapt to almost any device or software on your plane, drone or even satellite. Create complex solutions for geospatial imaging by adapting the codec to post flight processing and visual data archives. This lowers the development cycles as geospatial-imaging companies can move from expensive hardware development to software flexibility.

  • Multi_format


    The Comprimato JPEG2000 codec works with any given raw image. So if you decide to capture X-ray images today, scan the earth with thermal cameras tomorrow, or decide to create an orthophoto map the next time you reach for the clouds, be sure to see Comprimato working in unprecedented speeds, while saving money with every image you capture.

  • Advacements

    Product advancements

    Make your products faster and more competitive with the Comprimato JPEG2000 codec. Thanks to our codec’s performance, we enable M&E companies to quickly improve their products and open new revenue streams in their business models.

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