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The most flexible software transcoder for professional broadcasting and live multiscreen streaming over IP

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Comprimato Live transcoder
The Comprimato Live transcoder is the high-performance solution for professional video distribution. This software only solution provides literally unlimited options for stream scalability and video processing customization to meet the increasing requirements of today’s new media platforms delivery. A single instance can transcode as many as 70 full HD streams simultaneously. Multi-format support including JPEG2000 makes the Comprimato Live transcoder the ideal platform for professional content delivery services.

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Comprimato Live transcoder

( Transcoder capabilities )

Feature Comprimato Live transcoder HW Transcoders
Standalone solution with no proprietary or complementary expensive hardware.
Runs on any x64 server architecture, virtualised or hosted infrastructure.
Video post-processing and format customisation on demand.
More than 70 full HD @60 fps streams in a single 1RU server.
Immediate scale-up: add more streams in less than a minute.

( Live transcoder features )

Smart and affordable
Uses existing IT and IP infrastructure utilization with superior transcoder density for the best stream price/value on the market and your balance of capex and opex.
Software-only solution
Easy deployment without the need for specialist support provides maximum flexibility and portability, including support for VMWare platforms.
Comprimato Live transcoder comes with on-demand transcoding and stream customisation, image re-sizing, new audio or video codecs, subtitle layers and more.
Easy scale-up
Be ready for immediate transcoding requests with incredibly easy scale-up, and extend the number of streams, resolution or frame rate simply by adding additional GPU cards to the server system or CPU upgrade.
Superior density
Core capablity to simultaneously process more than 70 1080p/60 fps high quality streams in a single off-theshelf 1RU server.

( System specification )

  • OS – Linux custom image CentOS/RHEL
  • Intel x64 Xeon platform
  • nVidia professional GPU
  • VMWare ESX with GPU

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