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Live Frame Rate Conversion for Sports Production

The Live Transcoder has been upgraded to offer comprehensive motion-compensated standards conversion for live streaming applications. 

European vs. American standards

There are several broadcast video standards used worldwide. In Europe, the PAL / SECAM standard is prevalent. PAL / SECAM is derived from the 50Hz electric power standard and defines a frame rate of 50 video frames per second.

In the United States and Canada, the dominant video standard is NTSC (National Television System Committee). NTSC operates at a frame rate of 59.94 frames per second and is commonly associated with a 60Hz power system frequency.

It’s worth noting that there are additional variations in video standards within specific regions. In Brazil, the PAL-M standard is utilized, which incorporates a 60Hz refresh rate to align with the country’s power system frequency. In Japan, the video standard is also based on NTSC with a 60Hz refresh rate.

These different video standards reflect regional preferences and the need to synchronize with local power system frequencies.

Flexible and versatile

To ensure seamless distribution of live video content across countries with different standards, frame rate conversion becomes essential. With Comprimato’s latest advancements, you can now effortlessly handle compressed live IP video, including H.264, JPEG-XS TR-07, JPEG2000 TR-01, or NDI feeds, and perform real-time frame rate conversions.

Gone are the days of requiring separate hardware or software processes, which could introduce latency and complicate your workflow. Comprimato’s solution eliminates the need for such complexities. It guarantees superior picture quality across various formats within live streaming environments. Moreover, you have the freedom to deploy it either on-premise or in the cloud, offering complete flexibility for your specific needs.

Exceptional output quality and minimal latency

With motion-compensated frame rate conversion, the Live Transcoder ensures exceptional image quality when converting and streaming live videos to viewers in their local standards. It offers multiple transcoding paths, supporting all standard codecs and containers, and resolutions up to 4k Ultra HD. The Live Transcoder excels in standards conversion, accommodating any combination of resolution, scan type, and frame rate—from established broadcast standards to formats captured by various media equipment. It boasts a low latency of 300 ms, with only an additional 600 ms for standards conversion.

Live motion compensation

Motion compensation creates sequences of frames calculated from the original sequence based on the changes among individual frames. This ensures exceptionally smooth transitions among them and improves the quality of the viewers’ experience compared to other live frame rate correction methods.


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