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What movie have you seen lately? Did you know that the movie was most likely shot in Ultra High Definition (UHD)? Can you imagine the vast amounts of data and the sophisticated back-end technologies needed to deliver the movie on the big screen? It’s like pushing an elephant through a keyhole. This is what Comprimato does with video and image compression. And, we can do it extremely fast and in real-time!

How it all started

Comprimato started as an idea born in the heads of a few students as a university project. The idea might have ended up like most university projects, in a drawer. Fortunately, one of the students, Jiří Matela, identified a huge business opportunity. Thanks to his clear vision, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit, he managed to start a company and attract the right team. In 2013, Comprimato was founded and offered a place in the South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC), a Czech business incubator. In the first year, Comprimato received funding from investors such as Y Soft Ventures and Credo Ventures. The unique partnership between these companies brought not only the capital, but also the management know-how and business network.

Today, Comprimato is a team of about 20 talented and enthusiastic staff members. The company has been on a great growth trajectory and is forecasted to grow more than ten times in the next few years.

Why join us?

If you’re looking for a career change and are tired of many corporate processes, slow decision-making, missing great opportunities and eager to do something meaningful, consider joining our team at Comprimato.

At Comprimato, you’ll find the following core values that are near and dear to us:

Flexible. We are not tied down by tons of rules or processes. Often we solve challenges in real-time and as they come along. Of course we have processes in place to avoid chaos and inefficiencies, but we don’t go overboard.
Open. We are not afraid to speak out and state our opinions. We are open to constructive feedback or to a different point of view. We believe this is the only way we can learn from one another and move forward.
Focused. If you come for a visit, you will see that everyone is steeped in developing code or is focused on other tasks. You can often only hear a spoon clinking as it touches a coffee cup or silent beats from a colleague‘s headphones. Of course we are not boring and we chat a lot, but we try to be respectful not to disturb others. That’s what the kitchen is for. If we want to talk, we go to a meeting room or get together outside of the office for a beer (or two).
Trusting. When you come to work at 8:30 a.m., the office is usually empty, but sometimes you can see the lights on late at night. We can come to work when we want and we trust each other that we are responsible enough to be productive and to deliver expected results on time. We can work from home, but we don’t abuse this “benefit” as we think it’s more beneficial to have personal contact with our colleagues and we prefer the team spirit.
Proactive. We are given goals (or we set them ourselves), but the way we reach them is up to us. We are independent individuals who are aware of our responsibilities. We provide critical thinking and judgment at all times and ask for help when needed.
Committed. We all feel that Comprimato is our own company. We are personally vested and understand that the success of Comprimato will be our success too. It is not only a feeling. We offer company shares so if Comprimato makes it big, we will all be rewarded.

Meet for a coffee?

If you want to meet us or join us, this is what our simple hiring process looks like:

Step 1
Send us your CV or Linkedin profile. You can also have your recruiting agency send it. We are also interested in your contributions to Github, your own piece of code, you can be creative…
Step 4
If after speaking with one another we still feel this is the right opportunity for both of us, we will have another meeting where we discuss the potential cooperation in more detail. We will probably check your references.
Step 2
If your CV or profile fits with who we are and with what we might be looking for, we will contact you for a short phone call.
Step 5
We seal the deal.
Step 3
You can come to our office for a coffee or we can meet at a coffee shop of your choice for an informal chat. This will help you get to know us better and determine what we are looking for.


Interested in learning more?
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