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UltraJ2K™ - JPEG2000 SDK

The Comprimato UltraJ2K is a JPEG2000 software codec and SDK for M&E, geospatial imaging and medical industries. Our solution can be integrated into almost any software or hardware platform, improving performance, revenue streams and decision making of our customers.

Comprimato JPEG2000 Codec

Comprimato is the fastest, standard compliant, JPEG2000 software encoder and decoder enabling faster than real-time compression in video processing devices.  

Comprimato’s unique JPEG2000 software codec leverages the supercomputing power of GPUs and CPUs to speed up video and image compression. The codec helps save infrastructure costs by 70%, while reducing development cycles by 50% and enabling new revenue streams such as Ultra HD video in real-time, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and High Frame Rate (HFR) video.


High-definition in real time

The Comprimato JPEG2000 Codec is able to compress and decompress Ultra High-Definition video in real time even at 60 frames per second. With lower initial costs, you have a chance to boost your solution to a high demand product and be ready to address the needs of the Ultra High-Definition standards in broadcasting and geospatial imaging. The performance scales from low power embedded devices to multicore and multi-GPU server installations.


No compromise on quality

The JPEG2000 format is a game changing file format, which allows compression of visual data to a 10th of its original size without any visually noticeable difference. The technology also offers mathematically lossless compression of up to 50% in size reduction, so that every single bit of image data can be retrieved back. JPEG2000 is a royalty free format that has resolution scalability and supports high color precision and random region extraction, giving its users guaranteed video recognition as well as investment protection over time.


Life-like images made possible

The Comprimato codec can process 4K video as fast as 60 frames per second. Its performance allows viewers to enjoy a whole new dimension of cinema and broadcast. This doesn’t mean you will need more data storage. You can keep your files secure with the Comprimato JPEG2000 codec in full quality with less storage space and costs.


Single API for multiple platforms

The Comprimato JPEG2000 codec leverages and optimizes the performance of NVIDIA GPU’s, AMD GPU’s, Intel CPU’s, and GPU’s. The codec can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. All these implementations share a single API. The codec is OS and hardware agnostic and it is easy to switch between CPU and GPU processing when needed.