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JPEG2000 SDK 2.8 release with the new High-Throughput JPEG2000

We are beyond happy to announce releasing JPEG2000 SDK with the new High Throughput JPEG2000 (HT-J2K). High-Throughput JPEG2000 is a new standard mode with major speedup and minor bitrate increase. It keeps all of the important previous JPEG 2000 features.

With all the codec features necessary for studio mastering, HT-J2K will become a dominant format for studio production workflows. The original JPEG2000 has already been adopted in many studio productions, and HT-J2K will dramatically speed up those processes, which is especially important in the world of 4K and 8K video. Compared to proprietary formats such as ProRes and DNxHD built around the same DCT-based methods as the old JPEG image compression, HT-J2K is based on a much more advanced discrete wavelet transform (DWT). And it is royalty-free and open standard and available to anybody.

HT-J2K is faster, has features such as resolution scalability, can quickly decode 2K low-res out of 8K master, allows for mathematically lossless compression, and has a better compression efficiency.

Comprimato JPEG 2000 SDK 2.8 brings HT-J2K for CPU coding while keeping all of the important functionalities:

 – encoding and decoding

 – precise rate control and mathematically lossless coding

 – interoperability with 3rd party JPEG 2000 codecs

 – single brief C89 API for all of the functionality

 – legacy coding mode still fully supported in the same build

 – more HT JPEG 2000 speedup and GPU coding support in following releases

Why choose Comprimato JPEG2000

It is the world’s fastest software JPEG2000 implementation. Purchasing the latest version you get a complete package of all our previous versions and updates and bugs fixes with GPU and CPU support. Both a decoder and an encoder are included. We officially support NVIDIA graphic cards.

We provide foundations for the latest broadcast, VFX and digital cinema applications, fulfill your future archival needs, and update remote sensing workflows.

To get Comprimato JPEG2000 SDK with the new HT-J2K, get in touch with us using the form or at 

  1. Hi Baron, I asked my colleague to e-mail you so you can get the info you need. Thanks for reaching out. 🙂

    Comment by Jitka Biolková on November 16, 2022
  2. Some question about HTJ2K Decoder on GPU.

    Comment by Baron on November 2, 2022

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