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Come to see Comprimato and its live video encoding solutions at VidTrans 2018. An annual conference focused on the innovative types of networking and video technologies and their application to video transport is hosted by Video Services Forum in Los Angeles, CA.
We will be presenting our Live transcoder. The software solution for live video encoding which increases agility and flexibility for new media services delivery while leveraging existing hardware. An interactive demonstration showcasing our User Interface will be at booth 40.
Moreover, Comprimato joins forces with its event partner, NetInsight, to demonstrate the latest media transport solutions built on NetInsight’s Nimbra platform. The joint demo will be presented at booth 23.
Last but not least, Comprimato CEO Jiri Matela will be speaking at the conference about the Development of High Throughput JPEG2000 (HT-J2K). See the Full Event Program.
Wednesday, Feb 28 @8:30 AM
Development of High Throughput JPEG2000 (HT-J2K)
Presented by Jiri Matela
February 27 – March 1
Marina del Ray Marriott
Los Angeles, CA
Booth 40 & Booth 23 (Joint demo with NetInsight)
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IBC 2017 in Amsterdam has started and Comprimato cannot miss this important event. This time we were invited to the Net Insight booth 1.B40 and we are very thankful for this opportunity to Net Insight.
Comprimato is very excited to demonstrate the live demo of the new software video transcoder as a part of Net Insight Nimbra setup. If you are broadcaster dealing with live events and plan to add more streams or just looking for a replacement of the old-fashioned and expensive encoders and decoders, come to see us at booth 1.B40 (I am pretty sure you stop by anyway because of the awesome booth set up with the real Formula 1 car).

Net Insight fantastic booth at #IBC2017

We also invite all who are looking for a world’s fastest JPEG2000 encoding/decoding solutions, which Comprimato still offers and improve.
Have you seen the demo already and want to have a reminder? Below is the visual part of it with a workflow description. The signal is coming from the RAW (uncompressed) feed to the Net Insight Nimbra, it’s wrapped into JPEG2000 IP and send over TR-01 to the Comprimato live transcoder which produces MPEG-4 in this case.

Folks from Net Insight can give you all the details regarding Nimbra setup and, image quality, bitrate and other important aspects.
The second stand demonstrates cloud broadcasting and streaming using Netinsight infrastructure with Comprimato Live transcoder, this time from California to Amsterdam.

We believe this is the future, software way, how broadcasters can deliver a new type of services to the end-users. If you want to try it now, simply contact us for the free-trial of the Comprimato video transcoder for live events.

We have new version of  our UltraPix product available and ready for download starting today. This minor release was driven by previous customer evaluation feedback. Thanks to everyone who participated in UltraPix beta testing.
Release Notes:
* New UI based Linux installer
* Added new version of Adobe Premiere plugin.
– Fixes bug with FPS propagation to MXF library not to overflow
– Adds Multichannel (32 channels) audio to MXF exporter
Comprimato is a young progressive company and we have a benefit of flexibility and strong focus on our users (compared to big corporates). Tell us what problem YOU want solve for your UltraHD post-production (
For a quick how-to use UltraPix tutorial, check out this video: 

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the application of choice for growing numbers of professional editors. Their requirements from their platform are straightforward: most important, they need to see what they are cutting, in real time, to make great artistic judgements on pace without being distracted by jumpy playback.
At the same time, the technical challenges are growing. Ultra HD and 4k resolution is common, with raw footage from everything from GoPro to Red. Japan will start broadcasting 8k Super Hi-Vision soon. Popular interest in 360˚ VR is rising.
The common factor for all these formats is that they involve a huge amount of data, and that is challenging the realtime playback capabilities of even powerful workstations used for editing, let alone the laptops that many use. GPUs and CPUs struggle; local disk drives cannot keep up.
Workarounds using proxies are just that: workarounds. Adobe Premiere Pro CC makes the proxy workflow simple, but you have to create the proxies in the first place, and manage and store the additional files. What is needed is a proxy-free workflow that provides realtime, full frame rate playout of even 8k video files.
The solution lies in a new plug-in, Comprimato UltraPix. It is a compact download, with versions available for OS X and Windows. Installation takes seconds, and once installed you can virtually ignore it.
What does it do? It plays JPEG2000 video streams, such as in MXF files. The key thing here is JPEG2000, which is not like other codecs. An integral part of its wavelet compression is that it creates a perfect but half resolution file. And it is iterative, so it creates a half-sized version of that, and a half-sized version of that, and so on.
If you are starting with 8k footage, then you have a version in 4k, one in HD, one in SD and maybe even smaller. By reading the resolution you want, you have the advantages of working with proxies without the necessity to generate and manage them. Nor are you trapped in the proxy resolution you determine at the beginning of the project.
Towards the right, at the top of the timeline window is the familiar video resolution drop down. Using Comprimato UltraPix, this controls the resolution level within the JPEG2000 file. If you try to play 8k footage on even a powerful workstation it will struggle. But with the drop down you can go to, say 1/4, which is the HD/2k version, which will play perfectly.
But you are still working with the master file. You can change resolution at any time if you want to check the detail of an image, and of course the final rendered output will be in full 8k.

Input files not in JPEG2000? Comprimato UltraPix also integrates seamlessly with Adobe Media Encoder, adding a new export profile. You can convert raw footage with a couple of clicks, and incidentally also output the highest quality DCP digital cinema files which use embedded JPEG2000.
Comprimato UltraPix is quickly installed and transparent to the user, apart from the one useful control. It allows you to work more efficiently, concentrating on the edit not on managing proxies. Together with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, it transforms productivity.

Comprimato is very excited to announce first end-user oriented product called Comprimato UltraPix. We took the best from the wavelet codec JPEG2000 and turned it into a product which makes editing and post-production of any 4K, VR or HDR video piece of cake. We believe UltraPix will enable professional 4K video processing to everyone, without any hardware upgrades.
Here is a short list of what the v1.0 is about:

The product is ready for free 30-day trial and you can download it from HERE.
We’re very curious what do you think of it and we want to say a big “thank you” to everybody who participated on beta program.
Because we see many users and companies struggling during adoption of the UltraHD video projects, the UltraPix is just a beginning of a small revolution we have prepared… Want to see more? Schedule a meeting with us at NAB 2017.