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Comprimato unveils beta products at HPA 2017 show

As every year, Palm Springs California hosts Hollywood Professional Association event. And as previous years Comprimato is here again to show the latest products and technologies which make movie-maker jobs easier. This year, Comprimato showed an exclusive preview and demo of two new beta products.
The first product is designed for anyone struggling with post production of Ultra HD video and Virtual Reality. Comprimato UltraPix is a plug-in extension compatible with the Adobe Premiere Pro and Foundry NUKE VFX software which makes work with UHD high-bitrate video smooth even on MacBook Air. All of that without ANY proxy-file rendering or ANY new proprietary formats. It is ideal for working with 4K or 8K video post-production using local or external hard drives.
For the post production facilities and bigger studios, Comprimato comes with server based solution which integrates with any existing NAS and network switch/router. This product allows network users to smoothly play and edit UHD content without rendering of proxy files and without need to transfer fully-sized video from NAS to the end-user.

Our booth at Innovation Zone was busy and I can say we got very positive feedback on what we doing and our product has been recognised as unique in the industry. We presented to guys from Telestream, Sony, IBM, Apple, multiple storage vendors and many others.
The HPA 2017 is just a start for us and Comprimato has opened the beta program for our first product – extension for Adobe Premiere Pro and Nuke Foundry VFX and anybody can subscribe to test for free (your beta request can be send to Product Management:


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