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Comprimato UltraPix v1.0 is now GENERALLY AVAILABLE!

Comprimato is very excited to announce first end-user oriented product called Comprimato UltraPix. We took the best from the wavelet codec JPEG2000 and turned it into a product which makes editing and post-production of any 4K, VR or HDR video piece of cake. We believe UltraPix will enable professional 4K video processing to everyone, without any hardware upgrades.
Here is a short list of what the v1.0 is about:

  • Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe Media Encoder and Foundry Nuke editors with “auto-proxy” features which guarantees smooth 4K local video playback/editing even on MacBook Air.
  • GPU/CPU accelerated video encoding into JPEG2000 MXF or still sequences of pictures with lossless or high-quality compressed pre-sets in Premiere and Media Encoder.
  • Works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

The product is ready for free 30-day trial and you can download it from HERE.
We’re very curious what do you think of it and we want to say a big “thank you” to everybody who participated on beta program.
Because we see many users and companies struggling during adoption of the UltraHD video projects, the UltraPix is just a beginning of a small revolution we have prepared… Want to see more? Schedule a meeting with us at NAB 2017.

  1. Hi and thanks for trying UltraPix. I assume you’ve seen our short UltraPix video: . You may see Product Management video which show it similar way: PM UltraPix tutorial
    We offer free support even for Trial period of UltraPix. If you don’t mind our support will reach out to you and help to solve the problem.

    Comment by Michal Hrnčiřík on June 5, 2017
  2. hi i downloaded your codec and i encoded an 8k file with it and then i re imported the file into premiere and it didnt seem to work. would love to see some youtube tutorials on how this is suppoed to work.

    Comment by david on June 3, 2017

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