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New Live Transcoder and Bridge Live 1.12 Release

Comprimato just released a new update for our Live Transcoder and a new update for our and AJA’s Bridge Live encoder. The new v1.12 software update is our most significant release ever. For the first time, it brings support for bi-directional NDI® input and output, HLS output, video preview, and a handful of UX improvements.

Integrating NDI® protocol is an important step towards IP-based production workflows. Live Transcoder and Bridge Live can now integrate with NDI® productions and connect them with the outside world. It is now possible to transcode NDI® streams to high-quality contribution feeds with JPEG2000 TR-01, H.264, and H.265 and transport them over SRT to remote partner locations. Combined with the new HLS packaging, NDI® and other IP or SDI feeds can be encoded into a complete resolution ladder for live streaming.

 The v1.12 release includes: 

  • Bi-directional NDI to SDI conversion: 
    • Take SDI input and convert it to NDI and vice versa
  • Bi-directional NDI to IP video conversion: 
    • Take IP video input (H.264, HEVC, JPEG2000) and transcode it to NDI and vice versa
    • Converting NDI streams for simulcast distribution with streaming services such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, or CDNs using RTMP/S or HLS protocols.
  • HLS output packaging
    • Encode SDI and IP video sources for live streaming with HLS
  • Video Preview:
    • Preview of SDI sources directly in UI
  • UX improvements
  • Factory Reset directly from the boot menu

Note: SDI inputs and outputs are available only with Bridge Live product.


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