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Announcing 84% Speedup in the Latest Release of Comprimato HTJ2K

We are pleased to introduce the newest version of the Comprimato JPEG2000 SDK, which marks a significant milestone in high-resolution image encoding.

The new version of the SDK, particularly noted for its enhancements in HTJ2K encoding, brings significant increase in efficiency while promises continuous innovation in the future.

Key Highlights of the 2.8.3 Release:

  1. Up to 84% Speed Improvement in HTJ2K: The most striking feature of this update is the substantial speed improvement in HTJ2K encoding. Users can now experience up to an 84% increase in processing speed for lossless encoding, while lossy encoding scenarios see improvements of up to 63%. This upgrade means faster turnaround times for projects, boosting productivity and efficiency in workflows.
  2. Revamped SIMD Arithmetic Encoder: The new release introduces a comprehensive redesign of the block coder in Comprimato HTJ2K. This transformation focuses on optimizing efficiency and speed, ensuring that the encoder works more effectively and swiftly than ever before.
  3. Advanced Implementation of AVX2 and NEON Instructions: Leveraging the latest advancements in technology, the upgraded HTJ2K block coder efficiently utilizes vector AVX2 and ARM NEON instructions. This development not only enhances the current capabilities of the software but also promises a more robust and versatile tool for various encoding needs.
  4. Foundation for Continued Innovation: Beyond the immediate improvements, this release lays a solid foundation for future enhancements. It paves the way for the incorporation of AVX-512 instructions in forthcoming updates, signaling a commitment to continuous innovation and advancement.

This update underscores Comprimato’s focus on providing efficient, high-performance JPEG2000 encoding solutions. The enhancements in the latest SDK release directly address evolving image processing needs, aiming to optimize encoding speeds and reduce operational costs.

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