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Hitless Protection for SRT Transports

In the intricate landscape of live broadcasting and video streaming, the challenge of delivering high-quality content under the unpredictable conditions of internet connectivity persists.

Comprimato, a leader in high-performance video processing technology, addresses this challenge by incorporating SRT Path Redundancy, also known as 2022-7 Hitless Protection, into its software products, such as the Live Transcoder and Live Standards Conversion.

Understanding SRT Path Redundancy

SRT Path Redundancy is an advanced feature of the SRT protocol that ensures the reliable transport of video feeds over two separate internet paths. This method is crucial for maintaining uninterrupted streaming, as it provides a fail-safe by sending duplicate video packets over diverse routes, optimizing packet delivery to maintain stream integrity, even under varying network conditions.

Adopting a strategy akin to SMPTE 2022-7 Hitless Protection for the SRT protocol, SRT Path Redundancy offers seamless protection switching and redundancy for video streams, significantly enhancing stream reliability and quality.

Comprimato incorporates SRT Path Redundancy

Technical Insights into SRT Path Redundancy Benefits

Multi-Path Streaming for Enhanced Reliability: Implements a dual-path mechanism for continuous streaming, crucial when individual network paths experience disruptions.

Low Latency with Packet Retransmission: Offers near real-time streaming with strategies to minimize delays, essential for live broadcasts that require engaging viewer experiences.

Comprimato’s Implementation of SRT Path Redundancy

By incorporating SRT Path Redundancy into its Live Transcoder and Live Standards Conversion products, Comprimato achieves pristine video quality and reliability, crucial for overcoming network challenges.

Live Transcoder: Efficiently encodes and transcodes multiple input streams in real-time, delivering them without quality loss or latency.

Live Standards Conversion: Converts live feeds between 50Hz and 59.94Hz standards while preserving the integrity of video quality, irrespective of the receiving end’s location or network limitations.

The new SRT hitless protection will also become available to user of Bridge Live encoder.

Use-Cases for SRT Bonding

Cloud Remote Production: Facilitates high-quality video production from remote locations, ensuring seamless collaboration and content delivery across the cloud.

Live Sports Broadcasting: Allows for real-time global enjoyment of live sports, minimizing outages and enhancing Quality of Experience (QoE).

News Reporting: Supports high-quality live feeds from reporters to studios, ensuring uninterrupted news coverage.

Event Streaming: Improves music festivals and corporate keynote streaming, providing a high-quality experience for remote attendees.


The integration of SRT Path Redundancy by Comprimato represents an important technological advancement in live video streaming over IP. This approach effectively tackles the challenges posed by network unpredictability, ensuring high-quality and reliable content delivery. 

As the broadcasting sector continues to advance towards virtualized productions, the implementation of such technologies underscores a commitment to the future of video streaming, prioritizing quality, seamlessness, and reliability in viewer experiences.

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