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Comprimato’s Jiří Matela on Powering Live Sports Production with GPU’s

Recently, Jiri Matela, the CEO of Comprimato, sat down with Brandon Costa from SVG to discuss the company’s 10 year anniversary and their work on GPU-accelerated video compression.

Jiri Matela discussed the potential of GPUs for encoding live video streams. GPUs are ideal for this due to their ability to handle large amounts of data with minimal latency. Additionally, GPUs can be used to compress video streams with much higher density than traditional methods, making them an ideal solution for live encoding of UHD 4K and beyond.

Jiri Matela also believes that GPU-accelerated image processing and video compression will become the standard in broadcast production. The technology has the potential to make UHD sports production and streaming more accessible and cost-effective than ever before.

To learn more about Comprimato’s work on live production and GPU-accelerated video compression, watch the full interview:

See the original post at SVG’s site.


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