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Comprimato at VidTrans 2023

VidTrans 2023 – Comprimato will be exhibiting at the Annual Technical Conference and Exposition, VidTrans 2023 from 28 February – 2 March in Los Angeles, California. An integral part of the Comprimato tradeshow diary, VidTrans (sponsored by the Video Services Forum (VSF)) will focus on the innovative types of networking and video technologies and their application to video transport.

During the exhibition we will be highlighting our software-based solutions for professional live video encoding, transcoding, and remote production in cloud. On our booth we’ll be showcasing a new Frame rate conversion feature now included with our Live Transcoder.

We will also have BRIDGE LIVE on our booth. This powerful solution fuses AJA I/O technology with Comprimato Software to deliver high-performance multi-channel HD and single-channel UltraHD encoding / decoding / transcoding.

As part of the acclaimed technical conference programme, Jiri Matela, Comprimato CEO and Co-Founder, will be presenting “JPEG-XS and NDI for Low Latency Cloud Production: A Technology Preview” on February 28, 2023.

The presentation will showcase a cutting-edge technology preview of a cloud-based solution for live video transport and remote production that utilizes JPEG-XS TR-07 for ground to cloud transport and NDI format on the edge of the cloud. The solution is able to achieve very low latency. We will discuss the technical details of the solution, including the benefits and challenges of using JPEG-XS TR-07 and NDI for live video transport and remote production. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the latest advancements in this field and how they can be applied to their own work. This technology preview will be of interest to end users, service providers, equipment manufacturers, and others involved with the world of television and video.

To schedule a meeting with us during the show or to learn more please contact us.


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