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JPEG2000 is ready for your 8K video

In Comprimato, we accelerated the JPEG2000 codec on the GPU and together with the fastest GPUs from NVIDIA (Quadro GP100 and Nvidia Tesla P100) we are offering real time 8K encoding/decoding to everyone.
I prepared three scenarios which I believe can be close to further 8K video recommendations:

  • 8K Broadcast – Broadcasters use 422, 10bit, 60 FPS profile with bit rate around 100 Mb/s for HD and 400 Mb/s for 4K. Hence for 8K it will be probably around 1600 Mb/s.
  • 8K Digital Cinema – DCI profile defines 444, 12bit, 24 FPS video profile with bit rate 250 Mb/s for both HD and 4K videos. However, I believe that for the next generation 8K digital cinema, it will go up at least to 60 FPS and 4000 Mb/s.
  • 8K Archiving – For archiving purposes a lossless compression is used which returns mathematically (exactly) the same image. In my tests, I used 444, 12bit profile.

As a test file we used 8K footage from RED camera (8192×3456). Results for Comprimato JPEG2000 codec on NVIDIA Quadro GP100 are shown below:
Comprimato JPEG2000 codec is able to deliver faster than real time 8K 60p decoding on a single NVIDIA Quadro GP100 card and 8K 60p encoding in multi-GPU environment.
If you doubt this incredible speed due to the speed of the PCI-e bus, then please look at my previous blog.


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