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Telestream Integrates Comprimato JPEG2000 Codec Technology into Vantage


Comprimato JPEG2000 Component Option for Vantage Reduces Cost and Saves Time for Archiving, Edit Master and IMF Workflows

Telestream®, a leading provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, today announced that Comprimato, a unique JPEG2000 software codec is now available as a component option for Vantage systems operating on Lightspeed server hardware. Comprimato accelerates the decoding and encoding of JPEG2000 based video, utilizing the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) power of Telestream’s Lightspeed servers. The combined solution is ideal for IMF deliveries to Netflix.
With Comprimato’s JPEG 2000 technology integrated into Lightspeed, encoding and decoding occurs significantly faster than when using traditional CPU only techniques, thereby providing dramatic productivity gains with the highest image quality. Specifically, when decoding JPEG2000 contained in IMF, AS02 or MXF OP1a media files, a Vantage system with Comprimato JPEG2000 option can reduce overall workflow processing by as much as 20%. When encoding JPEG2000 into IMF, AS02 or MXF OP1a media files, the Vantage Comprimato combination reduces overall workflow processing time by up to 12 times.
“JPEG2000 is fast becoming the format of choice for media distribution, archive and master formats,” explains Paul Turner, Vice President of Enterprise Systems at Telestream. “The combination of Vantage, Lightspeed and Comprimato JPEG2000 software codec technology offers significant improvements in throughput, and systems can easily be scaled to handle high volumes of content for fast turnaround.”
Jiri Matela, CEO of Comprimato added, “broadcasters and content companies today recognize that quality is critical if they are to offer a better viewing experience, and therefore win bigger audiences. JPEG2000 is becoming an increasingly important component of the content chain because of its high quality and resilience to multiple encodings and decodings. Our unique codec ensures that JPEG2000 processing is accomplished as quickly as possible, in software and on standard hardware, to deliver the maximum productivity. That applies to the various elements of Ultra HD just as much as today’s high definition video.”
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About Comprimato 
Comprimato is a JPEG2000 Ultra HD software codec toolkit provider, offering media & entertainment and geospatial imagery technology companies life-like viewing experience for better enjoyment and more accurate decision-making. The JPEG2000 standard compliant software codec leverages the power of AMD, Intel and NVidia GPUs and CPUs to speed up real-time Ultra HD video and image compression 4X in video processing devices. Because of its unique GPU acceleration, Comprimato also powers interactive video editing workflows based on the JPEG2000 mezzanine format. Comprimato’s codecs significantly increase transcoding from IMF and MXF master files to distribution formats like H.264 and H.265 (HEVC), saving infrastructure costs by 70%, reducing development cycles by 50% and enabling new revenue streams such as 4K, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and High Frame Rate (HFR) video. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic, Comprimato’s codecs are trusted by several leading global media and entertainment and geospatial imaging companies, including BAE Systems, Telestream, Technicolor and Vizrt. For more information about how Comprimato can speed up your video and image compression to transform your business, please visit
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