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InSync Technology and Comprimato Partner to Deliver Seamless Frame Rate Conversion in Live IP Video Production Environments


A solution comprising InSync’s Frame Former and Comprimato’s Live Transcoder software will be deployed by a major broadcaster.

Stand 2.A18, IBC 2022, Amsterdam, 9-12 September — InSync Technology today announces that it has partnered with leading software encoding specialist Comprimato to deliver standards conversion for live streaming applications. The agreement will see InSync’s FrameFormer motion compensating frame rate and format converter available within Comprimato’s Live Transcoder software. The integrated solution has already been chosen by a major global broadcaster to support its live production services. The combined solution provides direct interface with their IP production workflows without the need to convert video to baseband SDI.

Live Transcoder uses uniquely powerful software, employing massive parallel processing in GPUs, and is built explicitly for streaming applications such as this. It is designed to provide multiple transcoding paths, to and from all the common codecs and containers, at resolutions up to 4k Ultra HD. FrameFormer enables an exceptional quality CPU-only standards conversion capability and supports any combination of resolution, scan-type, and frame rate, from established broadcast standards to formats generated by any equipment capable of capturing moving media. The combined solution is available on-prem and in the cloud, with flexible payment options.

InSync Technology’s Managing Director, James Taylor, commented: “We are pleased to join forces with Comprimato, a company highly respected for its skill and expertise in the world of JPEG2000 processing in live and movie environments, and bring our FrameFormer format conversion capability to a new segment of the market. Together with Comprimato we have created a compelling solution that delivers the highest levels of picture quality in multiple formats for live streaming environments and offers complete flexibility to deploy on-premise or in the cloud.”

Adding InSync’s conversion technology inside Comprimato’s encoder ensures the best possible image quality when de-interlacing and changing frame rates, allowing live sports video to be converted and streamed to viewers in appropriate local standards. By adding the FrameFormer conversion inside the transcoder there’s no need for separate hardware or software processes which would add latency and complication to the workflow.

“In everything we do to deliver solutions for encoding and transcoding for live video production, we place a huge emphasis on performance,” said Jiri Matela, CEO of Comprimato. “We are delighted that by combining our solution with InSync’s FrameFormer we can deliver even better levels of performance, with seamless format conversion to meet the needs of any customer or platform.”


About InSync

World-leading standards conversion specialists, InSync develops highly efficient signal processing hardware and software products with a focus on motion compensated frame rate and format conversion (standards converters).

InSync’s FrameFormer software standards converter is the only motion compensated frame rate converter designed for CPU-only deployment. FrameFormer offers unique flexibility in its support for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems and is available as an integration inside third-party solutions (such as AWS Elemental MediaConvert, Dalet Amberfin, M2A Connect and Telestream Vantage), or as part of turnkey software applications including InSync FrameFormer Live.

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About Comprimato

Comprimato is a live video compression and processing software vendor offering broadcast and video production companies a life-like viewing experience. Comprimato has two main products – Live Transcoder for live video production and the world’s fastest JPEG2000 codec. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic, Comprimato’s video compression software is trusted by leading global media and entertainment companies such as NBA, ESPN, Zayo, Woodbine, and O2. For more information on Comprimato, please visit

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