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Comprimato Announces Integration of NVIDIA Jetson with JPEG2000 Codec SDK

Brno, Czech Republic, 21 November 2023 – Comprimato, a leader in high-performance software encoding, has announced the integration of NVIDIA Jetson support into its JPEG2000 Codec SDK. This major enhancement combines NVIDIA’s cutting-edge GPU technology with Comprimato’s advanced video compression capabilities to serve various industries.

Key Benefits:

Great performance per watt Ratio: The incorporation of NVIDIA Jetson into the Comprimato JPEG2000 Codec SDK offers an outstanding balance of power consumption and performance, ensuring efficient video processing with optimized energy use.

Ideal for Embedded Applications: The combination of Comprimato’s technology with NVIDIA Jetson’s capabilities makes it a perfect fit for embedded applications, delivering robust performance in a compact form.

Embedded Applications Use Cases:

  • Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs): The integration is ideal for AMRs that require high processing power for tasks like autonomous navigation and obstacle detection​​.
  • People Detection Systems: Supports systems that rely on advanced neural networks and need substantial computing power to maintain accuracy in large dataset analysis​​.
  • Crowd Analytics Systems: Enhances crowd analytics applications that require deep learning accelerators and can run complex networks and dynamic tasks efficiently​​.
  • Telehealth Devices: Suitable for telehealth applications like telemedicine robots, requiring high-end computing power for tasks such as navigation and detection​.


About Comprimato:

Comprimato is shaping the future of broadcasting by leveraging versatile live video encoding and processing software and adopting technologies such as JPEG2000, JPEG-XS, NDI, and SMPTE 2110 to enable virtualized and cloud broadcast production.

Comprimato’s virtualized software allows the use of unified COTS infrastructures to support flexible workflows, cost-effective scalability, and enhanced operational efficiency. Optimized GPU and CPU utilization accelerate real-time high-resolution video encoding and processing.

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic, Comprimato’s video software is trusted by leading global media and entertainment companies – ESPN, NBA, Zayo, Warner Bros. Discovery, and others.

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Press Contact:
Marek Suchy, Marketing Manager at Comprimato
Phone: +420 723 666 059