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Comprimato releases Live Transcoder 1.5 and enables UltraHD 4K video encoding and transcoding

We have been busy over the last few months, so I wanted to give you a short update on what is new at Comprimato. We have a few significant upgrades to our video encoding “swiss army knife” Live Transcoder.  The biggest news is a processing of Ultra HD 4K videos for MPEG and JPEG2000 video feeds. Also, with the 4K, we are enabling HEVC encoding. See more details below.

HEVC encoding

Live Transcoder allows for HEVC inputs already for some time.  With 1.5 we also added fast HEVC encoding and HEVC transcoding. HEVC is being used more and more for IPTV and as well as OTT distribution. Live Transcoder now enables live video outputs up to UHD 4K with both 8bit and 10bit colors. The ABR output ladder can combine HEVC and H.264 codecs allowing to select HEVC codec for UHD 4K and 1080p profiles while the rest of the lower resolution outputs are encoded using the H.264 codec.

UHD 4K Live Video Encoding and Transcoding

For the first time we are enabling live processing of Ultra HD 4K video in Live Transcoder. 4K videos can be now encoded or transcoded using HEVC or H.264 video codecs. UHD 4K is becoming popular for streaming with cloud services such as Youtube Live or for IPTV and OTT video distribution. Please let me know about your plans for 4K and especially if you are interested 4K SDI encoding.

Support for JPEG2000 TR-01 2018

We are seeing rising interest in UHD 4K video contribution. Very often it is live sports video production that is now demanding even higher video quality. Therefore, with version 1.5 we are rolling out compatibility with the new TR-01 2018 contribution format. Live Transcoder can now receive and transcode UHD 4K JPEG2000 streams in the quad-split form. We have added the capability to transcode JPEG2000 4K streams to HEVC or H.264 4K.

I am curious to hear your feedback or give you more details on what is new to Live Transcoder. Just let me know or ping me at LinkedIn.

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