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Live Transcoder 1.2: Enhanced ingest variety, synchronization, and built-in processing

October 2018 – It has been a year since Comprimato officially launched Live Transcoder – high-performance encoding and transcoding software solution for broadcasters and telco operators. Nowadays, we are pleased to announce to you release of Live Transcoder 1.2.
This major release adds functionality which allows direct distribution from contribution circuits. It improves overall performance, reliability, and video quality. The versatile approach of Live Transcoder 1.2 now provides video operators more flexibility, better live video processing features, and built-in synchronization – All easily manageable from intuitive User Interface.
See all the new features below.

New support for contribution video inputs enables for direct ingestion

Enhanced direct contribution ingestion feature allows to merge the functionality of several hardware devices, simplify overall workflow and stream management.

  • SDI inputs support – Even though we all read about IP migration and a development around, the All-IP circuits are still on the way for many broadcasters. Regardless of the benefits of IP, SDI workflows are still widely used for video capturing at the venues and which are after that often encapsulated to IP for post-production and distribution. For these cases, we added support for 3G SDI cards which allows for ingesting SDI inputs and  SDI-to-IP workflows simplification. Live Transcoder 1.2 provides up to 24 SDI inputs per 1RU and offers for direct ingestion with no need for any additional converters/black boxes.
  • Enhanced TR-01 compatibility – New implementation of the VSF TR-01 broadcast profile, which secures JPEG2000 based video transmission over IP, now supports TR-01 inputs of various vendors including Media Links, Net Insight, and Evertz. This results in better cross-vendor compatibility and lower price of adoption.

Ad Markers conversion and Metadata synchronization

Advanced synchronization allows for exceptional QoE and new revenue streams.

  • Vendor-specific metadata processing – Handling of vendor-specific metadata in a way it keeps media and metadata streams in sync what enables compatibility with other parts of workflows (e.g. Clipping).
  • Ad Markers – SCTE-104 (SDI) to SCTE-35 (TS) conversion.
  • Closed captions – Various formats support: EIA-608/EIA-708, Line 21 Closed captions, embedded into h264 CC.

Advanced Built-in Video, Audio and Metadata Processing

Real-time video processing for standardized distribution output. Managed from one place.

  • Video – Resizing, Change of sampling factor, Bit depth conversion, Interlacing/Deinterlacing, Framerate reduction.
  • Adjustments – Color adjustments, Crop or black border/band insertion.
  • Audio – Downmixing multiple channels into a single channel, Shuffling, Volume gain.
  • Metadata – LTC and PCR latency synchronization.

Support for external monitoring tools

Live Transcoder 1.2 admits to monitor and control hundreds of streams via 3rd party monitoring tools thanks to REST API and SNMP. Version 1.2 newly supports Net Insight’s Nimbra Vision.

The Comprimato Live Transcoder 1.2 software has been tested and approved in real-time production and now available for 30-day free trials.

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