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Ultra HD Workflow Survey

Recently, we announced the new cool stuff we’re working on: Implementing a JPEG2000 codec plugin for Adobe Premiere
which, we believe, help all the video professionals to solve their annoying problems with 4K, 8K or VR video editing. We know 4K and 8K editing is complex problem, but what we usually see is the issue with shared video storage and/or network bandwidth infrastructure. Editors & VFX talents cannot smoothly play and seek demanding scene in their video editor and still work with the full movie resolution in order to see all fine details.
Our new product wants to help with UHD editing and offers dynamic resolution switching, in real time, without need of proxy file(s) rendering and save you some money on IT infrastructure.
Can you help us to better understand few fine details about your 4K video processing and fill our short Ultra HD Workflow Survey?


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