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World GPU elite meet in San Jose. See the Comprimato slideshare

Graphic cards are facing a new rebirth. The power of GPUs has long been apreciated by the gaming community, which was pushing the limits of computing for the last decades. The enhanced processing power of GPUs has become so advanced along the way, that non-gaming software engineers started to look into ways to rethink the possibilities of the cards. Comprimato is a typical example of such an approach. GPU processing is not only fast, but also remarkably cheep. Read this Wired article to find out how you can build a 1m USD Google artificial intelligence brain for just 20 000 USD.
Last week everybody who is serious about programing for GPUs was in San Jose on the GPU Technological Conference. The four day event addressed many key note speeches from GPU enthusiasts and industry leaders such as Jen-Hsun Huang, NVIDIA CEO and Co-Founder or Pixar’s Dirk Van Gelder and Danny Nahmias. Comprimato’s CEO JIri Matela also gave a presentation about the use of GPUs for JPEG2000 encoding and decoding. Flip through his presentation and give us your thoughts and feelings.



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