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Comprimato update compatible with MAC and CPU based stations

LAS VEGAS – The world’s fastest JPEG2000 video codec has announced a substantial update of its code. The Comprimato library is now compatible with AMD graphics cards and even ordinary CPUs. The company also offers a unified API for all platforms, making it easy to switch from NVIDIA to AMD or CPU. The original NVIDIA GPU code still remains the best performing platform with encoding and decoding speeds exceeding real time even in UHD and HFR.
“Our customers often apply our codec to their whole system and not every workstation is necessarily equipped with powerful GPUs. That’s why we have extended the functionality of our code to other platforms as well, making our solution future proof and offering more investment protection and at the same time,“ said Jiri Matela, the company’s CEO and founder. “Together with the update we have also announced improved performance for the NVIDIA GPU and created support for new GPUs, Quadro M6000 and GeForce Titan X,“ added Matela.
Comprimato is a university spin-off and successful start up in the Czech Republic. The company’s JPEG2000 encoder and decoder offers unprecedented speeds, which reduce hardware investment and storage place. As it is a library and not a separate piece of software, it can be added to most available systems. The benefits of the codec are mostly applicable in media and entertainment, defence system, medical equipment and geospatial imagery.


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