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Software-defined and virtualized JPEG2000 online transcoder.

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The Comprimato online transcoder is the most flexible and cost-effective solution for IP contribution to distribution video transcoding. Using standard Intel Server architecture and software ONLY transcoding on Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) it has virtually unlimited options to define output stream type, quality or processing in real-time.

( Transcoder application )

Comprimato J2K online transcoder

( Product benefits )

Feature Comprimato Live transcoder Other HW Transcoders
Fraction of the usual transcoder cost doesn’t require any proprietary expensive hardware.
Running on any x64 server architecture, virtualized or hosted infrastructure.
Video post-processing and format customization on demand.
Up-to 60 FullHD @ 60FPS streams per 1 rack unit server.
Immediate scale-up. Add more streams in less than a minute.

( Key features )

Smartly affordable
Stay out of the traditional, sophisticated and expensive hardware. Comprimato J2K Transcoder can run on virtually any x64 server architecture and makes transcoder an affordable commodity focused on best price/value ratio on the market.
Software only solution
Easy deployment which doesn’t require consultants, flexibility, and portability including support for VMWare platform. Consistent security and performance updates. That are the main advantages of the software-only virtualized Comprimato online transcoder which existing specialized hardware solutions cannot offer.
Stream processing customization
Do not lock your transcoder infrastructure on a particular video, audio codecs or image post-processing. Comprimato online transcoder comes with on-demand transcoding and stream customization. Image re-sizing, new audio or video codecs, subtitle layers to add or change on existing transcoder instance.
Easy scale-up
Thanks to standard x64 server architecture and GPUs it is incredibly easy to scale-up a number of streams, resolution or FPS just by adding additional GPU card to the server system or upgrade CPU. This setup results in low-cost performance boost and gives management possibility to be prepared for the immediate need for scale-up or scale-out transcoding requests.
60 FullHD streams in single server RU
From a single J2K, MPEG-4, MPEG-2 or H.265 channel on low-cost hardware with no GPU up to 60 1080p/60FPS streams in a single 1RU device. That is the very wide range of Comprimato online transcoder which suits both low-density and high-density customer’s needs.

( System specification )

  • OS – Linux custom image CentOS/RHEL
  • Intel x64 Xeon platform
  • nVidia professional GPU
  • VMWare ESX with GPU

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