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How Comprimato saves infrastructure costs on image processing

In this post, we will explain some basic ideas regarding how Comprimato saves infrastructure costs on image processing workflows. We will then discuss how platform versatility and a hardware agnostic approach reduces the price of IT infrastructure and last but not least, we will present you with several points to consider regarding software-only platforms as […]

by Jakub Jirák
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April 24th, 2018

New release boosts GPU JPEG2000 encoding by 20%


BRNO – Comprimato a tech startup has announced the new release of its JPEG2000 GPU encoder and decoder. The system, which has already been outperforming other compression methods, is now another 20% faster at encoding. Thanks to NVIDIA CUDA, Comprimato can encode 4K signal at speeds up to 83 frames per second (for further details, […]

by comprimato
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January 19th, 2016