( Internship program )

  • Mária Hatalová, intern

    Mária Hatalová, intern

    “I applied for the internship in Comprimato because I wanted to improve my programming and algorithmization skills. At the same time I was attracted by the opportunity to work in a startup with a group of young and smart people who enjoy their work and are good at what they do. I am working on an optimization of an encoding component of JPEG2000 codec and I like the job. People are very nice here, and moreover, they have a really good coffee ;-)”

  • Miloš Selečéni, intern

    Miloš Selečéni, intern

    “Two years ago, it was the first time I entered the Comprimato office. I was a fresh graduate with no previous job experience but I was interested in 3D graphics, OpenGL and CUDA programming so I tried an internship in Comprimato. I was worried if I would fit in a new dynamic team but the worries faded soon. At Comprimato I worked on several projects like a video player or a huge image viewer. It was a big learning experience for me. Nowadays, I am responsible for projects based on a multimedia framework called GStreamer.”

  • Tomáš Ritter, intern

    Tomáš Ritter, intern

    “The internship at Comprimato was interesting to me because it was the only company in Brno I knew that specialized in programming on GPU. I got to know this company thanks to a subject on FI MUNI called GPU Programming. During my internship I was working on an optimization of the codec and implementing amendments of the JPEG2000 standard. I really enjoyed the work atmosphere and decided to stay with Comprimato as a developer, where I work on further optimization of the SDK.”

Develop a codec used by Hollywood movie studios, drones or space stations | Join experts on programming highly performing GPU and CPU | Add JPEG2000, CUDA, parallel programing, integration and optimization to your vocabulary | Experience freedom at work you won’t get to know in a corporate

Few years ago a University project for data compression, nowadays a successful start-up with world known customers, Comprimato, open their door to IT students and have prepared an INTERNSHIP PROGRAM for you. The goal of this project is to identify talented students who are interested in programming, video and image compression industry and who have a potential to be very good at it one day. We would be happy to continue with such students beyond the program and give them a space to do their magic in our company as our colleagues.

What can you work on?

You may focus either on

  • the codec itself and its optimization to a higher performance or improvement its features
  • or on an integration of the codec to an open source software or to our customers’ systems

What can you learn?

  • Parallel programing on GPU or CPU
  • Standard multi platform C/C++
  • CUDA, OpenCL
  • SIMD (AVX, SSE, …)
  • Low level optimizations
  • Algorithm design
  • Debugging
  • Scripting
  • Orientation in a code of someone else
  • How a start-up works

Who is the program for?

  • Geeks, enthusiasts about programming, algorithmization, Hackathons and coding
  • Doers who lack any practical use of their university projects and who want to work on something real that is used by people in the whole world
  • Responsible learners who dive deep into the problem and don’t stop until it’s solved

How much you need to know programming?

  • It would be hard for you without basics of C/C++. If you have already tried to code something in C++ and you want more, let’s talk about it. In case you prefer programming web pages in PHP, we are probably not what you are looking for.

What will you get?

  • One of our programmers as your mentor – you don’t have to feel odd that you keep asking questions, the mentor is there for you
  • Financial remuneration for a finished project – we value results, not time you spend on achieving them
  • Freedom in planning your time – go and code between lectures? Why not?
  • Office in the same building as lectures (FI MUNI) – we cannot be closer
  • The latest technologies – you may get to HW from our partners (NVIDIA, Intel, AMD) earlier than it appears on the market
  • Meaningful job in a great team

How can you apply?

Is it exactly what you are looking for? Cool! Send us your resumé (CV or link to your Linkedin profile), ideally with an attached sample of your code and come for a coffee. We look forward to meet you!


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