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Come to see Comprimato video compression solutions in action at NAB 2017!

Like most NAB events, NAB 2017 is no different and there will be a lot of interesting solutions and demos to see. If you’re going to attend, you should not miss the opportunity to see all the great video transcoding and GPU accelerated storage compression solutions  Comprimato is unveiling this year. If you are a broadcaster, post-production house, VFX company or if you are looking for fast image processing, Comprimato offers unique and affordable solutions that you will be able to see in action in our meeting room SU11724MR, Dell/EMC booth # and Qumulo booth #SL6605. If you’re interested in scheduling a meeting, please book your meeting here, or contact me directly (michal at comprimato.com).

Comprimato meeting room demos:

  • Interested in UHD or 360/VR video editing but you want to keep your IT budget low? Then you should not miss our Comprimato UltraPixTM and UltraFloTM demos. Comprimato UltraPix & UltraFlo is the first multi-platform software for instant video resolution changes in real-time. You’ll be able to see how to edit UHD 8K and 360/VR videos even over 1GbE network without any proxy-file rendering or output image quality loss.
  • Are you a broadcaster or do you simply need to transcode input FullHD video into several output streams in real time? Come see Comprimato’s proof of concept (POC) Transcoder Platform. We will show you a Real-time transcoding of IP broadcast streams in VSF TR-01 format demo. Comprimato Transcoder is using the power of GPUs, that provides the best performance/density/price ratio on the market. We will be presenting a live demo of our transcoder prototype which can handle up to 32 concurrent JPEG2000 HD streams @ 60FPS on a single transcoder unit with a nVidia GPU board using the latest Pascal architecture.
  • GPU accelerated JPEG2000 SDK for video, archiving, high-resolution imagery demo in the Comprimato meeting room. Looking for large image processing in real time for the Geospatial, medical, media & entertainment archiving or military markets? Then you should visit our meeting room and see how Comprimato UltraJ2KTM GPU JPEG2000 acceleration beats any other image compression product on the market. Comprimato UltraJ2K is a flexible toolkit for end-user customizations that provide the world’s fastest GPU J2K acceleration for unlimited resolution of images. Come see for yourself how fast we are!

To ensure that we have enough time and focus on understanding all of your requirements and needs, we have provided a private meeting room with refreshments. You can easily schedule a time to meet by sending us the request via our request form.

Comprimato is also presenting our products together with our NAB partners. You can come and see UHD 8K and 360/VR video editing demo from your NAS storage on the Qumolo #SL6605 booth on Monday @ 1:20pm, Tuesday @ 2:20pm and Wednesday @ 3:10pm,

GPU-Accelerated video processing and large imagery compression demo will be available in Telestream booth # LSU5.

See you at NAB!

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Michal Hrnčiřík
by Michal Hrnčiřík
April 20th, 2017