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Comprimato API for Live
Video Streaming

Comprimato is a global video streaming infrastructure that scales from a handful to millions of viewers. Adding video streaming to your product takes hours not months.

Cmpt Api

is trusted by:

  • ESPN
  • Charter
  • Bt Sport
  • Nep

Video streaming infrastructure designed for developers

  • Developer API

    Easy to use video API built by developers for developers.

  • Live Streaming Infrastructure

    Complete video encoding and streaming infrastructure from live ingest to global distribution.

  • Excellent

    Read developer guide, API documentation, or talk to our video engineers.

  • Building scalable video streaming backend takes at least 12 months with investment exceeding 55% of R&D budget.
  • Businesses, governments, schools and religious institutionsrelying on videoas a default mode of communication. 40% of consumersstate videoincreases the chance to purchase a product on theirmobile device.

Adding video with Comprimato

  • Enhance your app with live streaming

    As simple as a single API call.

  • Fast to build apps with the simple API

    No need to research and build your own infrastructure.

  • Pricing that scales with you

    Start streaming with zero initial investment.

  • Global reach

    Grow your audience confidently with an infrastructure that scales to millions.

  • Fast to market

    Add live streaming in hours not months.

  • Full support

    Talk direct to our engineers or follow developer and API documentation.


Try it and see how simple it is to add video with a single API call

curl --request GET \
	--url \
	--header 'Accept: application/json' \
	--header 'Authorization: YHemoNdr5rfyrO6TeSF32AyjQd2e0dGH4SHqeeyR3y'

// Response { "status": "Stopped", "streamer_key": "e92e5dc1-030c-4d4b-8a97-288c7fa564f5", "player_key": "Qkj9zWkq57we", "created_at": "2022-03-24T12:15:20.351787Z", "last_running_at": null, "id": "7f70dbe4-36ba-4be1-b093-828364335467" }
// Point your streaming device to our ingest destination at srt:// Use the “streamer_key” to authenticate your stream:
// The stream is available through the unique “player_key” at:

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Prices: Encoding $ 0.04/min | Streaming: $ 0.0012/min

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Encoding + Streaming

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product Features

Easy video management. Excellent experience.


    • Low latency SRT ingest Low latency SRT ingest
    • MPEG-2, H.264, HEVC, JPEG2000 MPEG-2, H.264, HEVC, JPEG2000
    • No Stream Startup Delay No Stream Startup Delay

    • Excellent image quality Excellent image quality
    • rock-solid stability rock-solid stability
    • Video resolution scaling, padding, deinterlacing and cropping Video resolution scaling, padding, deinterlacing and cropping
    • Automatic ABR ladder Automatic ABR ladder

    • Low latency distribution Low latency distribution
    • HLS live streaming protocol HLS live streaming protocol
    • Global CDN delivery Global CDN delivery

ON THE GO: Video simlucasting to social media | Support for CCs and other ancillary metadata


Ready to start streaming?