Accelerated editing for high resolution video: 8K, 4K, and 360° VR.

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No more proxy-file transcoding, syncing, and re-linking. Instantly switch between 8K, 4K, FullHD, HD or SD resolution. Everything is delivered on-the-fly from a single UHD resolution master file.

Integrated with NLE and VFX editors

Integrated with NLE and VFX editors

Seamless integration with major NLE and VFX editing software makes it easy to start editing with UltraPix™. No need to learn new UI or change your habits. (Currently available for Adobe, The Foundry,others coming soon.)

Ready for 8K video and VR video

Ready for 8K video and VR video

UltraPix™ is designed to handle any video resolution, bit-depth, or frame rate. It allows smooth playback of UHD 8K or VR video and it can turn practically any hardware into a professional production workstation.

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Open Standard

The core of UltraPix is the JPEG2000 codec and MXF container. JPEG2000 is an open video compression standard used extensively in highest quality applications such as Digital Cinema, broadcast mezzanine format, and IMF distribution. MXF is the leading platform-agnostic container with rich media and metadata support. Neither JPEG2000 nor MXF is tied to any particular vendor or OS which makes them future proof. UltraPix is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems.

GPU Accelerated

UltraPix is fully optimized to leverage maximum computing power of CPUs and GPUs. It uses Comprimato’s worlds fastest JPEG2000 codec which is custom designed for acceleration on GPUs and multi-core CPUs. Software continually upgrades to the latest generation of processors and always provides the fastest encoding and decoding of even the most demanding UHD video applications.

Uncompressed quality

High-end VFX video editing often requires fully uncompressed quality. For such workflows UltraPix provides a mathematically lossless mode. It saves 50% of storage and bandwidth capacity while delivering fully uncompressed quality. It is a much more efficient alternative to legacy TIFF, DPX, or EXR workflows.

File sequences

Many video production tasks are best suited to process individual video frames. In addition to the MXF container, UltraPix is designed to work with video as file sequences which is often required for VFX processing, compositing, and color grading.

The best solution for 4K, 8K or VR.

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  • Deanan DaSilva

    Comprimato UltraPix is simply awesome for our 360/VR video projects where we can work at flexible resolutions directly off higher res 8k and 16k masters over the network. Nothing else can make this workflow usable.

    Deanan DaSilva
    Wairua Labs, Founder
  • Jarle Leirpoll, Premiere Pro master trainer

    I like open standards, I like lossless video, I like wavelet codecs, I like cross-platform solutions, and I like GPU acceleration. It should be no surprise that I love UltraPix, which combines all these. As a bonus, it also integrates tightly with my main editing tool, Adobe Premiere Pro!

    Jarle Leirpoll, Premiere Pro master trainer, Founder

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Is UHD or VR editing a problem? Comprimato UltraPix is the solution Get unexpected performance with Comprimato UltraPix
What hardware do I need for 4K, VR or HDR video editing? Any HW that can do HD editing can be turned into a 4K/8K machine. You can get 30 FPS on the HD layer of your 4K/8K master video even on a MacBook Air.
My disk is not fast enough for UltraHD 4K, 8K, or VR projects. UltraPix reads only bytes for chosen resolution directly from UltraHD master. Classic 7200RPM HDD is now good enough for your UHD projects.
Online or Offline editing? Get online editing experience thanks to UltraPix auto-proxies. Real-time access to lower resolutions without physical proxy files. Saves 10% of your storage space.

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