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Comprimato Software Transcoder for IP Broadcast: Technology Preview NAB 2017

Jiří Matela
by Jiří Matela
April 25th, 2017

The heart and arteries (or bloodstream) of the majority of broadcast facilities are still SDI and coaxial cables, while the rest of the world is virtualized and in cloud. The big thing in broadcast today is the transition to IP which will pave the path to pure software, virtualized, and cloud infrastructures. In this spirit, […]


Beta of Adobe Premiere Pro and Foundry NUKE JPEG2000 plugin

Michal Hrnčiřík
by Michal Hrnčiřík
March 16th, 2017

It’s not so long time ago we’ve posted a blog about technical benefits of JPEG2000 and how it could be integrated with Adobe Premiere as a plugin. We at Comprimato seen a lot of interest in such use of JPEG2000 for post-production or video editing. Especially how to enable local UltraHD video editing when your […]


JPEG2000 decoding reaches limit of PCI express 3.0

Matúš Madzin
by Matúš Madzin
March 14th, 2017

We at Comprimato are developing a JPEG2000 codec which is accelerated on GPUs and with the latest NVIDIA cards with Pascal architecture e.g. Quadro GP100 or Quadro P6000 we found the speed of PCI express 3.0 as a limiting factor for the speed of our JPEG2000 codec. The theoretical speed of PCI express 3.0 x16 […]


How to automate GPU testing on multi-boot machine

Petr Bartoň
by Petr Bartoň
March 2nd, 2017

It is always very time consuming process to ensure each new product release is stable and works flawlessly on all supported platforms. Virtualization helps a lot in every QA department when it comes to automation tests. But what if you need to work and test with GPU cards. Is virtualization still the right answer to […]


Comprimato unveils beta products at HPA 2017 show

Michal Hrnčiřík
by Michal Hrnčiřík
February 22nd, 2017

As every year, Palm Springs California hosts Hollywood Professional Association event. And as previous years Comprimato is here again to show the latest products and technologies which make movie-maker jobs easier. This year, Comprimato showed an exclusive preview and demo of two new beta products. The first product is designed for anyone struggling with post […]